Monday, March 28, 2011

NO FLY ZONE in LIBYA - GRIM Official Statement

( LIBYA's Colours, 1951-Present )
GRI-M, STRONGLY DENOUNCE the LOSS of Civillian Lives in Libya caused by the indiscriminate bombardment by American, British, French and its allies' forces.
Such EXCESSIVE use of force is clearly incompatible with the mandate conferred by the United Nations Security Council on the enforcement of the "NO FLY ZONE".
Additionally, similar measures imposed in Iraq & Bosnia previously failed to prevent the Genocide and Other forms of crimes against humanity by the Aggressors.

Finally, GRI-M, EXCO Members and its Supporters are appalled by the apparent double standards practised by Western Powers who would readily invoke military actions in order to seize control of resource-rich nations but would do little to assist the legitimately elected governments in Algeria, Sudan, Palestine and Myanmar in overcoming their internal and external political obstacles.

Measures are NOT ONLY deemed Repressive & Dreadfully out of step with the Basic Standards of Humanity but will set a Dangerous Precedent that could influence the future course of other Government's in dealing with LEGITIMATE Pleas by its People for the Creation of a JUST & Egalitarian Society.
Faizal Ahmad,
GRI-M Legal Advisor(JB)

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