Sunday, July 25, 2010

25 July Orange Run: 1st GRI-M Fund Raising Exercise

( 2010 Orange Run Completion Certificate )

The first GRI-M fund raising exercise was completed on the morning of 25 July 2010 by GRI-M's Co-ordinator Founder. Upon completion of the Orange Run by Amirul HM, all pledges were converted to donations. Almost RM500 were collected.

GRI-M would like to give our heartfelt thanks to the following samaritans for their kind donations:-
  1. Mr. Stephen Wong
  2. Ms. Akmar Mohamad
  3. Ms. Alice Teo
  4. OP Rustardza Ramli
  5. Lawyer Faizal Ahmad

The donations will be used primarily for:
  1. Stationeries - Receipt Book, Calling Card etc
  2. Donation Box
  3. Book - Kolonel Jihad
  4. GRI-M Collapsible Promotional Banner/Bunting Display.

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